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Licensing Problems - Lack of Security and Background Checks

Physicians should be proud that they have nothing to hide in their backgrounds and should be honored to be treated as all other professionals are who routinely allow background checks and security clearance as a prequisite to licensing and employment.   Sometimes these routine checks can seem to be repetitious but they really are not an inconvencience and do more good than not.  

These simple routine checks help to have the public grant personal trust to members of the medical profession.  Even if somewhere in their background, perhaps as a rebelling teennager, there is something that if hidden could embarrass a physician wouldn't you think that they would want the public to know, and would want to provide an explanation if questioned rather than have it pop out sometime many years down the road?  Patient gossip can destroy a physician's reputation.  It would be prudent to have all information that could become known in the future disclosed with an explanation in the beginning.   Medical Boards in the United States should be providing this service as do employers, which is one that could  provide a degree of safety to patients.  After all, if the profession is one of respect, why not show that the respect is worthy?  

Currently, the following states do not require background or security checks to obtain and maintain a Medical License:

Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

As an example of why security and background checks are needed today and why the old honor system is no longer a reasonable one to use the following article explains it all:
Medical Board Faulted for Licensing Convicted Rapist